2022 Annual Statement from the Board


For older and medically vulnerable residents, living through Covid has required increased isolation, perseverance, and flexibility, while the cost of living dramatically rose.  Family members, particularly those living out-of-state, struggle to support their loved ones as resources dwindle under staffing and supply shortages.  Covid has magnified disparities already familiar to so many.  With each nursing visit, each conversation with relatives near and far, RDNA nurses bring some stability and normalcy during distinctly abnormal times.  Significantly, this on-going care proactively helps to prevent an undesirable influx into our over-stressed hospital and long-term care facilities.

Since March 2020, under pandemic safety protocols, RDNA nurses have made over 5,500 in-home nursing visits, driving over 23,000 miles.  In August 2022 alone, our nurses drove over 1,200 miles visiting clients.  For much of this time, a client waitlist was required, as requests for services have steadily exceeded nursing capacity.  For almost three years, nursing hours, visits and miles driven have consistently remained at increased pandemic levels ~ at capacity.  RDNA is still strong and serving because of the remarkable skill and commitment of our nurses, the enduring friendship of our clients and encouragement of their families, and the joy with which our community embraces and supports these much-needed services.  This tapestry of caring is truly the essence of district nursing.

Incredibly, RDNA still looks very much today as we have for the past 93+ years.  100% of the Board financially supports RDNA, a 501(c)(3) organization, and invite you to consider RDNA when donating or discussing your estate planning.  “Sponsoring an RDNA mile” with a monthly donation helps keep RDNA nurses on the road.  Secure on-line donations may be made on our web-site (rocklanddistrictnursing.org).  Working together, these professional nursing services remain available, accessible and affordable.

(For more information, see the 2022 Info Sheet.)

Be safe and well ~ and thank you!

RDNA Board of Directors
Anna Ware, RN, President
Anne Norman, Secretary
Meg Sawyer, Treasurer
Renee Heal
Mark Lewis
Pat Snow

Walker Hutchins, Emeritus

Peta vanVuuren, Agency Director