2019 Annual Statement from the Board

November 2019

~  Our hearts are full, as we look to the future.  ~

For 90 years, friends and neighbors have breathed life into RDNA with joy, determination and leaps of faith.  While most communities have long since lost their local nursing resource, RDNA remains one of only three district nursing agencies in the State of Maine.  These professional nursing services are still non-acute and in-home, affordable and easily accessible.  They are essential, helping keep residents healthy and living independently in their own homes, part of our community and out of more expensive facilities.  (For more information see the info sheet.)

RDNA has cared for all ages.  Today, clients most in need of services are elderly.  For many, the challenges of aging in an older home, living on a fixed income, and increasing needs for support in daily life are daunting.  As our population ages, the demand for these nursing services is increasing dramatically, beyond what current RDNA resources are able to support. 

RDNA’s primary goal for this 90th anniversary is to sustainably increase nursing capacity, and continue honoring this region’s commitment to “community nursing.”  With the help of anniversary gifts and grants, we have begun to increase available nursing hours and invite you to join our effort by making a tax-deductible contribution, and including RDNA in your estate planning.  100% of the Board financially supports RDNA, a 501(c)(3) organization.

We thank all for the incredible friendship that has been extended to us during this anniversary celebration, and through our decades of service.  We have seen that indeed by serving each other today, we together ensure a healthier community for tomorrow.

RDNA Board of Directors
Anna Ware, RN, President
Renee Heal, Secretary
Meg Sawyer, Treasurer
Anne Norman
Mark Lewis
Pat Snow

Walker Hutchins, Emeritus

Peta vanVuuren, Agency Director